Langsdom CPN62L 8 Pin In-Ear Wired Earphone (Black)

Langsdom CPN62L 8 Pin In-Ear Wired Earphone (Black)


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1. Material: ABS 2. Frequency response: 20-20000hz 3. Impedance: 16 ohms +/- 15% 4. Sensitivity: 101db+/-3db 5. Cable length: 1.2m 6. Powerful chip, synchronous IOS system upgrade, plug and play 7. The moving coil speaker adopts high-quality composite diaphragm, the low frequency is rich and textured, and the intermediate frequency is clear and full 8. Front side sound hole, 360-degree surround sound 9. With remote control and microphone, easy to operate 10. Ergonomic design, comfortable to wear 11. Stable connection and transmission, clear and transparent sound quality 12. Not easy to yellow, not easy to crack, environmentally friendly and durable 13. TPE material wire, soft to the touch

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